Cloud Technology


Delivering a cloud solution that is precisely customized to your needs, in a way that is innovative, flexible and highly efficient


There are three main advantages to utilizing cloud technology


Our customers are able to benefit from our latest innovations in areas such as Machine Learning and shopper experience, soon after release.


Our customers can scale our solutions to exactly fit their needs, by accessing and customizing our cloud services from anywhere in the world.


Our customers can implement our solutions very quickly, with the sound knowledge that we will deliver in a very efficient manner.


As one of the earliest adopters of Cloud technology, our team has been able to create a highly resilient Cloud Platform which is built to process and deliver billions of transactions a month with response times measured in milliseconds.

Peter Thomas, CTO at Attraqt


Best-in-class Cloud Architecture

Fredhopper Access Server (FAS) is deployed and delivered in the cloud. The exact cloud configuration, including a designated cloud region and number of live and test environments, depends on customer requirements, contractual agreement, and decisions made during the integration process.

Every Fredhopper Discovery Platform deployment consists of three components

Smart Data Pipeline

The Smart Data Engine, provides our customers with an ability to combine, centralize and enrich multiple separate streams of raw data input, in real-time. This delivers truly actionable insights for automatic application or for informing improved decision-making.

Query Service

Handles all communication between your store and FAS. When a shopper explores your store, the store sends a request to the Query Service. This processes the request and returns results which your store then renders to the shopper’s device.

Merchandising Studio

Provides a user interface for merchandisers to create and apply business rules and configuration changes. These configuration changes influence the navigation and search results returned by the Query Service.


Cloud Technology Deliverables

Every customer receives the following

  • Monthly availability guaranteed

    Our Query API service is guaranteed to be available for a minimum of 99.90% each month for Standard SLA customers and 99.95% for Advanced and Premium SLA.

  • Solid bedrock

    Using building blocks offered by the largest Cloud provider, AWS:
    - 99.99% availability of scalable compute resources.
    - 99.999999999% durability of mission critical data backups.

  • Redundancy

    Each production setup is spread across multiple availability zones (i.e. data centers) within a single region

  • Multi-layered load balancing

    DNS multi-node load balancing, followed by conventional load balancing across internal dedicated resources.

  • Tailored orchestration

    Our on-house controlled automated service orchestration manages normal operation and enables prompt failure recovery.

  • Multi-tier monitoring

    3rd party independent monitoring, internal 20000+ monitoring checks with alerting and millions of metrics graphed, stored and analyzed.

  • Cloud operations

    A dedicated team of professionals responsible for the service reliability, including 24/7 pro-active incident handling.

  • Service integration

    RESTful API to integrate with our service's such as our scalable Data Services Platform.


International Trading cloud support

There are a number of additional services and capabilities that support international customers with global presence.

Multi-region presence

Ability to have presence in several regions: EU (Dublin), US (N. Cali), AP (Sydney, Singapore), subject to upgrade.

Language support

Ability to enable shopper search in Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese (Traditional), Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese and Thai.

Studio localisation

Ability to provide localization of the Merchandising Studio in English, French, German and Dutch.


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