Your technology, your way

We understand the retail market is changing rapidly


Digital disruption

Rising shopper expectation

Significant margin pressures


Our platforms empower companies to respond and transform by becoming more agile, dynamic and innovative

We help our customers achieve this by surfacing a single intelligence layer. Unleash the power of enriched real-time API enabled data and best-in-class algorithms.
The actionable insights that is collected help break traditional silos and aligns cross-functional teams.
Empower all stakeholders (business + data + technical) to collaborate together to achieve real cost of ownership across the entire business, in a way that is scalable. 


The Attraqt Advantage

Combine Intelligent Automation + Strategic Control to achieve ecommerce leadership

Increase efficiency - Improve commercial performance - Find your true competitive advantage


Intelligent Automation

Our API enabled, algorithm driven micro-services ingest, enrich and understand disparate data sources and signals to intelligently automate personalized experiences, in real-time

Strategic Control

Our platform enables all customer journey stakeholders to prioritize their strategies and algorithms. This enhances brand experiences whilst also meeting commercial goals


Achieve leadership

Leadership cannot be attained through Blackbox thinking only.
It is the combination of Intelligent Automation with Strategic Control that creates real breakthrough.


The advantages of Human Guided Automation on shopper behaviour

Stronger brand connection

Connect emotionally by successfully applying the values and styling of your brand.

Brand Affinity +


Immersive & inspiring experiences

Surprise and delight your customers with an exceptional shopper experience.

Customer Experience +

Outstanding customer satisfaction

Helping customers find and consider the exact products that motivate them to buy.

Commercial Performance +


The pace of ecommerce change is rapid

The world’s leading retailers require flexible, smart solutions, built on Machine Learning innovation, that seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures.

Fredhopper Discovery Platform + Experience Orchestrator (XO)



Key Capabilities


Multi-source data capture & cleanseCollect, unify and clean the relevant data in real-time and from all signals to ensure reliable data.


Advanced data enrichment; Enrich and consolidate your data, to feed the algorithms with refined data.



Algorithm-driven intelligenceBring, set up and deploy your own algorithms in a test and learn approach to find the right configurations that deliver the best outcomes for each use case.


Blended strategic merchandising; Use easy-to-use interfaces and guided workflows, to seamlessly blend the benefits of AI with your own expertise, creativity and key business strategies.


Lean optimization; Continually test your strategies and monitor your performance to build experiences that deliver winning results.


Commercial validation; Quantify and validate your commercial performance by connecting your strategies, actions, metrics and KPIs.


Infrastructure performance

We deliver exceptional infrastructure performance.

  • Scalability

    Handle 200+ billion requests per year.
    No limit in ability to scale up for Peak Trading periods.

  • Availability

    Default platform monthly uptime average, 99.90%, (Really, 100%!)
    Fast response times to ensure no disruption to service.

  • Secure & Compliant

    Fully GDPR compliant globally.
    Complete separation of client's data across 300+ brands.

  • High Performance

    Speed is critical. Very fast response times in the ms.
    1000 items per second indexing speed.

  • Globally Distributed

    Presence in all regions - Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.
    Support for incidents, 24/7, 365 days per year.


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