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Tips for Online Merchandising Success

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We reveal some of the best tips to take your online merchandising to the next level.

All year long, you work to deliver the best customer experience. You aim for a visually stimulating and engaging online shop. But have you succeeded?

Attraqt Fredhopper has collected the best tips from our most successful digital merchandising heroes. Perhaps next year, you can be a hero, too.




Achieving your ambitions

To achieve your ecommerce ambitions, be sure to:

  • Connect visual experience to business goals
  • Comprehend how shoppers behave and learn their data inside and out
  • Realise it's all about the shopper, not the device or the channel
  • Think differently when it comes to personalisation
  • Understand the customer journey and how to optimise for it
  • Predict what shoppers will search for

The challenge is to connect all these insights and capabilities in a practical manner.

Don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. But the answer is closer than you think.

Analyse your existing data to better understand what triggers and drives online purchases. Tap into customer-oriented data to influence buying decisions: popularity (pages views and additions to basket, but also rating reviews, Facebook likes, Pinterest pins) and freshness (trendy and new items on the top of the result list). Consider also business-oriented data to maximise profit: optimise according to item margins, inventory levels and availability. Better not run out of stock when it comes to bestsellers! And of course, don’t forget the search. The ways to search are as unique as the searchers themselves. Discover your customers’ primary search behaviours and optimise for them effectively.


“The challenge is to connect insights and capabilities in a practical manner.”

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