Why Shopping Online Should be a Sprint Rather than a Marathon

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Making things easier for your shoppers is key to enhancing engagement.

The ability to buy what we want in a few, nimble steps online rather than by pounding the pavement for hours has altered our attitude to shopping profoundly. And permanently. A few years ago we might have put aside a whole afternoon for a trip to buy some new boots - driving, parking, walking to the shop, trying the boots on, queuing at the till and then getting back home. Now we expect to complete a purchase in just a few moments, or we are likely to give up and go elsewhere.

We are often asked by retailers what they should do to improve the online customer experience. Certainly, an appealing homepage will attract visitors in the first place, while an optimised search function, easy-to navigate pages and high-quality images are all essential too. This box of delights will all be wasted however if the experience is clunky and slow. What will impress your customers most is if you can save them time by taking them through the customer journey swiftly and smoothly.


Speed Matters

For online retailers, page performance can make or break a conversion. The slower the page load time, the more likely shoppers are to abandon a site. Studies point to a 2-10% drop in conversion for each additional second required (WalmartStanford Data MiningKissmetric). With this in mind the aim when recently upgrading our Fredhopper software was to see if we could further improve this vital performance indicator. The good news is that we have. Attraqt Fredhopper FAS 8.2, our latest version, can reduce response size by 50%, making for a much quicker page load and a satisfied customer.


Managing Merchandising

Time is precious for retailers too and merchandisers need to be able to curate product pages quickly and efficiently, especially if they are dealing with large volumes of stock. We've talked with retailers and listened to their concerns. For many, the idea of automated merchandising strategies that could be easily set up to take care of the heavy lifting and allow the ecommerce team to get on with other areas of the business sounded like a godsend. So that's what we have created.

Focusing on common areas that are important to all retailers, whatever sector they are in, Attraqt Fredhopper FAS 8.2 comes with five key automated merchandising strategies which manage New In, Trending & Popular, Highest Converting, Sale and Search. These automatically adjust product assortments over time and have impressive efficiency benefits for merchandisers.

Saving time is high priority for both retailer and customer and should spearhead every ecommerce strategy. Time to put your trainers on and start working towards your PB.


Find Out More

For more about how Attraqt Fredhopper FAS 8.2 can improve your shopping and merchandising experience, contact us at sayhello@attraqt.com



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