Top 5 Tips - Improved Product Recommendations

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Improve the quality of your product recommendations with our top tips.

Product recommendations are a great tool to help you increase sales and AOV; they can also improve your customer's shopping experience by providing much needed suggestions throughout their journey. From We Think You'll Like to Other Customers Also Bought, there is a whole rainbow of product recommendation options to choose from – so where do you start?



The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to product recommendations. That's why the most successful retailers multivariate test a variety of options until they find a solution that fits their needs – and then they still keep testing! Testing provides valuable evidence and information about your customer's preferences. The more you know about your customer and tailor product results to their needs, the more successful your recommendations will be.



Put some thought into the title of your recommendations. This does affect the way customers interact with them and should relate directly to the type of products that you display. For instance, the title We Think You'll Like implies that the recommendations are personalised, so ensure that this area is populated with items that you really do think each customer will like based on their viewing or purchase history, not just generic site-wide best-sellers. Also consider choosing a title that reflects your brand's tone of voice, this will help you to stand out from the crowd.



The most common ecommerce recommendations are usually based on metric-driven data such as Newest In or Best Selling. While these are perfectly suitable, try testing behavioural recommendations to see what type of results you can achieve. Ecommerce Recommendations driven by logic based on other customers' behaviour can generate some unexpected results, which are often incredibly successful.



The majority of customers won't click to load more products in a recommendation zone. There is no magic number of products to display, but it's clear that the products that you show in that first window are by far the most important, and need to be the most relevant. Make sure that you apply intelligent merchandising rules here so that you don't miss any opportunities.



Don't recommend products beyond the basket page. Basket pages are a great place to recommend additional add on purchases, but once a customer enters your checkout, just let them complete their purchase. Trying to grab last-minute sales here can run the risk of distracting customers, possibly causing them to abandon their basket.


 Good luck! 

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