Show the Right Products to the Right Shoppers

Showcasing relevant products to specific types of shopper.

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Focus Your Conversion Strategy

Whether shoppers are new to your site or repeat customers, they all prefer to be shown items they are most likely to buy. That’s why it’s critical that you make use of sophisticated ranking, sorting and positioning strategies to display search results. This will both entice your visitors and directly impact conversion rates.


Understand How it Works 

It’s important to be clear about how ranking affects shoppers’ behaviour. Most shoppers are easily distracted. Especially when they’re immersed in a visually engaging online experience. To captivate and keep shoppers from clicking away to another site, you need to show them the most relevant, appealing products possible. The easier you make their journey, the more likely they are to buy.

Prioritise relevant rankings To make the shopping experience manageable, consumers often make trade-offs on what to consider for purchase based on the effort and time spent locating the product on a lister page, as well as ‘normal’ factors such as product’s price. It goes without saying that higher positions on the lister page garner the most attention. In essence, the position of a search result on the lister page, along with external cues such as visible discount badges, influence how shoppers will click and interact with what they’re shown.


Show the Right Products to the Right Shoppers

Using data available to you – including data about past purchases, browsing history, Pinterest pins, Facebook likes, inventory levels, and click tendencies – you can intelligently determine the rankings on your search lister page to display the most relevant products. By optimising and giving priority to products most likely to appeal to your shoppers, you can positively influence conversion. Plus, you instil trust in shoppers when they see you presenting the most relevant, quality products in response to their searches.

  • Is the main purpose of your lister page to convert or is it also about delivering an optimal visual experience? 
  • What limitations, technology or otherwise, are preventing you from ranking your products in the way you want?
  • Which items do you want to showcase over others? 


Consider the Impact of Not Doing it

The effect of choosing not to optimise your ranking and positioning can be great indeed. First and foremost, you run the risk of losing customer trust. Shoppers will simply go elsewhere if they can’t be confident that they’ll find what they’re looking for. And of course, your conversion rates will be lower than they could be. But think also of products that never sell, because their position in the listing is too low to get noticed.

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