Product Update - Releases and innovations for Q1 2020

Powering exceptional shopping experiences

In 2019, Attraqt acquired Early Birds, combining Fredhopper’s data-led search and merchandising capabilities with Early Birds’ AI and personalisation expertise through its Experience Orchestrator (XO). This same year, we started building the first bridges between our two platforms to share these capabilities, expand opportunities and enable our customers to create powerful and more relevant shopping experiences. 

In 2020, our ambition is to continue to deliver more innovative and strong features for both platforms, ensuring the best experience for all users and enabling our customers to orchestrate individualised Customer Experiences and deliver exceptional shopping experiences at scale.



What's new for Q1 

DATA | Optimised Data Management

Build on the best data and better understand your customers.  

Our powerful Data Pipeline enables our clients to collect, unify and organise their data from all signals in real-time and ensure refined & relevant data into one consolidated dataset, to ensure feeding their strategies with reliable data while providing them with a unified view of their customers. 

  • COLLECT - Track in real-time and unify all customer contact points and clean data to provide a unified view of each customer
  • ENRICH - Calibrate, segment and consolidate your data to feed the algorithms with refined data.
  • REACT - React to users' interactions in real-time to offer relevant individualised experiences
  • ANALYSE - Follow-up performance and take the right actions to improve business outcomes


INSIGHTS | Advanced Dashboard Overview

Understand. Analyse. Optimise. 

Display advanced actionable insights in a simple and visual way to easily monitor performance and identify optimisation opportunities, to improve your strategies and maximise business impact.

  • Easily understand
  • Efficiently analyse
  • Quickly optimise


Did you know? Feature focus

AI | Algorithm Orchestration

We provide the tool, data scientists bring their algorithms, business teams activate them.

Our XO platform enables e-commerce companies and retailers to easily set up, test and orchestrate their own algorithms in total autonomy and in real-time, for marketing and merchandising teams to power unique shopping experiences for each customer throughout their journey.

Use high-performance algorithms, including your own, to deliver highly personalised customer experiences.

  • Deploy high-performance algorithms quickly in a test & learn approach
  • Optimise knowledge and use of your algorithms and strategies
  • Define the best strategy to use for each use case


Coming up soon

SEARCH | Enhanced capabilities

We're enhancing our Search capabilities to build the future of Search and provide our clients with the latest technologies and innovative services, for them to create the most relevant and highly individual search journeys, powering exceptional shopping experiences.

Enjoy enhanced search capabilities and innovative evolutions.

  • Stronger - A scalable and reliable architecture
  • Faster - Complex queries, fast answers
  • Better - Expanded Search capabilities and features

Lots of new features and updates to follow very soon. Stay tuned!


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