Personalised Ecommerce Recommendations

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Personalise the shopping experience with recommendations that deliver relevancy for each shopper.

Relevant Experiences: The Next Generation of Personalised Ecommerce Recommendations

The best shopping trip I ever had was in a high street fashion store.

A personal shopper walking the aisles helped me put together a selection of outfits and, placed in a larger changing room with a luxurious sofa, I tried them on in comfort. She stood patiently outside. Different sizes? No problem. A similar jacket but with longer sleeves? Done. Chauffeur-driven home? I jest, but imagine that if asked, she would happily have made a call and waved me off as I sat in the back of the taxi with my new wardrobe.

I've had some, but few, equivalent experiences online, despite personalisation being a buzzword for many years. We've all come to expect some form of “People who bought this also looked at…" or “You may also like…" suggestions when we're browsing. Shoppers generally welcome the assistance, while this signposting can help retailers engage customers for longer.

But how well are online personalised recommendations actually working for retailers? From a shopper perspective, most have a lot of work to do. The world of ecommerce is evolving: customers now want relevant experiences.

That's why we're launching our new Personalised Recommendations module. We've built a futuristic proposition combining automation with creativity and control. This is different to a fully automated, algorithm-based approach - it allows a light human touch to keep personalisation in line with trading strategies, such as brand identity and special promotions, alongside seasonal changes and trends.


Many retailers struggle to personalise customer journeys until shoppers log in, which most often happens at the checkout stage. Our technology, using advanced machine learning, can track anonymous users as soon as they arrive onsite and start browsing. Retailers can then show them real-time, relevant recommendations.

Shoppers expect retailers to swiftly guide them to items they are particularly interested in, but also want to be inspired and excited by the latest products. Retailers need to deliver this relevant personalised recommendation service, but remain in control. Managing a spectrum of requirements is an ongoing job for ecommerce teams. It's hard for a fully automated system to detect or create trends, whereas by having manual control over creativity, retailers can make sure the most relevant, available and on-trend recommendations reach customers while the algorithm catches up. Showing in-stock items is key, as there's no point highlighting great products if people can't buy them.

By personalising recommendations effectively, retailers can distinguish themselves from the competition. It's all about the experience. They will stand apart from other channels that sell their products when offering tailored, personalised one-to-one interactions infused with brand values. Truly relevant experiences create go-to shopping destinations, making shoppers feel valued while retailers hit their sales targets. Recommendation indeed.


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With over seven years' experience in retail technology combined with extensive experience as a Technical Consultant, James is well qualified to dig deep into Attraqt's solutions. His forte is driving innovation for our customers and ensuring they have access to the best technology for their needs. Underpinning this experience is a first class degree in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield.


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