Make It Happen Day at Attraqt

Attraqt’s “Make It Happen Day” is a celebration of one of our key values - Make It Happen. All employees got a day off to do something meaningful, either related to their personal or professional development or any other kind of project or goal. Just as we expected, the team embraced this day with full enthusiasm!

Check out a snapshot of activities our talented, fun and motivated employees got up to.

Getting Creative

Some of the team from Attraqt Lab in Paris got crafty and built a wooden Attraqt signs with led lights for each of our offices.  This clever bunch did not stop at that –the sign is programmed to light up each time there is an important message posted on our global Slack channel.  

3D printing was a particularly hot topic. The Amsterdam team organised a 3D print workshop and across the offices a number of people spent their day 3D printing anything from light sabers to piggy banks and planning out their next ambitious 3D print projects. A miniature sci-fi terrain anyone?

People also got stuck into home improvements - restoring, painting and plastering, and a few in the Paris office even teamed up to build a pergola to shelter from the summer sun.

Getting Active

There’s definitely a fitness culture across our teams.

We had employees who decided to use this day to bite the bullet and finally join the gym, or try something new like pilates and jogging. Others, rediscovered old passions like forms of exercise, like swimming or yoga.

The more seasoned sportsmen and women of Attraqt (and there are many) got stuck into marathon training or organised their own triathlons, swam and cycled hundreds of miles collectively.

Our Professional Services team showed off their true team spirit as they set themselves a goal to collectively cover 214 miles from wherever they were located, with a variety of sports including swimming, running, hiking, cycling and canoeing. This is approximately the distance from London to Paris, our two biggest offices. As expected, the team smashed this goal and finished the challenge at 268 miles, albeit with some extra help from a couple of sporty Attraqters outside the team!

Good Hearts

At Attraqt, we have always been consciously making an effort to support charities we feel passionate about, from fresh fruit donations to NHS during the pandemic to monetary contributions to children's charities.

On Make It Happen Day, we saw employees also embracing these values and paying it forward in their own ways. Visiting elderly relatives, one team member spent time with children at the autism society in Paris, another spent the day with an elderly ‘acquaintance’ for a spot of lunch and a chat. These simple but heart-felt actions demonstrate the true spirit of our Attraqt team.

Quality time with family and friends

Family is no doubt a very important part of our employees' lives, so it was only natural, many chose to spend quality time making new memories with their nearest and dearest. From pizza making to theme parks, zoo visits, watching sports, throwing an end of year school party the list goes on.

With the weather favouring us, a lot of us chose to escape the city to enjoy the fresh air by the sea or in the countryside.

Pursuing passion

Though we love the commitment all Attraqt employees show for their jobs, Make it Happen day was a chance for them to embrace passions and hobbies outside the workplace.

No doubt many of us call ourselves wine lovers, but one particular employee took it to a whole new level by taking his WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) exam, to eventually pursue his dream of getting involved in the wine industry.

A member from our French sales team has always had a passion for shooting videos but has found it hard to make time for it to work with a growing family. Make It Happen Day presented a perfect opportunity to get back into it.

Some went to art galleries, joined conferences, conduct studies to learn new skills, undertake gardening projects and much more.

Make It Happen Day was a roaring success. It brilliantly demonstrates how talented, diverse, committed and fun our employees at Attraqt are. Up next…Better, Together day….can’t wait!

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