Attraqt Customer Awards

20th May 2021

Celebrating exceptional shopping experiences in our customer community.

Rewarding our customers


Our first Attraqt Customer Awards were held in 2019 as part of our Annual Customer Conference. Those who joined us knew it was a milestone event, and a lot of fun. We had to give the 2020 event a miss, but knowing the challenges and wins experienced last year, we felt now was the right time to recognise success and bring the awards back.

Welcome to the launch of the 2021 Attraqt Customer Awards!  

These awards recognise Attraqt customers who have used sound strategy and creative flair in their use of Attraqt solutions. From fostering small but impactful changes, to generating big business results, all our customers stand a fair chance to be nominated for the Awards.

How to enter?

Good news! There are no lengthy forms to fill in or questionnaires to answer. All our customers are automatically considered for the awards. We believe all our customers have come through a challenging year, and through the automatic nomination approach, everyone stands a chance to win. 

How am I being judged?

To pick the rightful nominees and winners, the judges are using our tried and tested benchmarking system, which encompasses all aspects of the experience, from merchandising strategy to the utilisation of Attraqt technology.

The Categories


Innovator of the Year Award

This award will be given to a customer who is successfully using Attraqt's technology across the board to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to their customers, whilst also improving team efficiency and agility. A winning customer will need to demonstrate clever and pioneering ideas when it comes to the use of Attraqt's technology.


Data and Analytics Award

This award recognises the smart use of data from the Attraqt technology. Winning retailers will be able to show how an intelligent application of data and analytics has driven great results for their teams and customers.


Merchandising Award

The winning customer will have been successfully using merchandising to increase agility, automate tasks and empower onsite merchandisers to focus on strategy and creativity. The winner needs to be able to demonstrate how it delivers greater operational efficiency, commercial value & ROI.


Shopper Journey Award

This award winner is someone who understands what their shoppers are looking for at each step of the customer journey and has successfully made use of Attraqt's technology to appropriately react to these sophisticated needs of a customer.


Search Optimisation Award

This award gives recognition to a customer that has been able to successfully deliver accurate and relevant results to the shopper; successfully optimising zero & low search results and adjust search results to push and promote key products and brands.


Personalisation Award

A winning customer has demonstrated how they have used personalisation to create highly relevant experiences for each moment on the shopper journey. This includes applying smart merchandising rules and configuring, testing and deploying these personalisation algorithms in real-time to build high-performance personalisation strategies.

The Prizes

As well as winning the coveted Attraqt trophy, winners will receive industry recognition amongst peers and industry analysts, as well as our global ecommerce community of leading retail brands. We'll provide plenty of opportunity to promote their success stories on Attraqt's website and through wider media channels.

Attraqt Customer Awards

Hear from some of the winners of our 2019 customer awards, which took place at our Annual Customer Conference.