Customer Success


Customer Success is more than just Customer Success Managers - it is a company-wide philosophy, to be successful together.


Working towards shared success

We do not define Customer Success purely as a function. Customer Success is everything we do — across Product Management, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Professional Services, Support, Finance, etc. — to generate strong outcomes and experiences for you, our partners and customers.

Your voice

Acting as your advocate to ensure that you meet and potentially exceed your key brand, shopper and commercial objectives.

Building success

Providing you with a highly engaged single point of contact to ensure that you accrue maximum benefit.

Full service

Optimizing our service quality across all touch points on a ongoing basis, in order to continually improve the value of your solution.


Customer outcomes + experiences

We strive to help our customers achieve both outstanding Customer Outcomes (CO) and exceptional Customer Experiences (CX) through a continuous process of Customer Success service.


Dedicated advice; we're continuously assessing how well we are delivering to your needs, to identify ways to improve our customer success service, on an ongoing basis.


Real-time guidance; we deliver regular reporting and insights to help you understand & identify new opportunities for optimizing performance on the fly.


Continuous knowledge building; we provide regular account reviews providing data, insights and recommendations to ensure you are accruing the best possible investment on returns.


Influencing commercial returns; we strive to provide strategic recommendations that will provide the opportunity to further improve your ecommerce performance.


We get a solid, dependable service from FredHopper and I feel there is a culture of continuous improvement. Support requests are always swiftly and clearly handled by your team.

Simon Toon,
Head of ecommerce Technology Services


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Wolf & Badger

Creating a fresh, new shopping experience without impacting team resource.


Delivering a powerful combination of creativity and automation.

Life Style Sports

Centralised Merchandising deployed across multiple users.


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