Freddie+me Awards


Celebrating exceptional shopping experiences in our customer community


Rewarding Strategic Thinking &Creativity

Our Freddie + me Awards recognize Attraqt customers who have used creativity and flair in their use of Attraqt solutions. From fostering small but impactful changes to generating big business results, the Awards are open to our customers who have used the platform smartly to bring about positive changes to their retail business.


The Awards are open to both individuals and teams who utilize Attraqt solutions to enhance their business performance. 


They provide a fantastic opportunity for teams and individuals to connect to other businesses whilst highlighting and showcasing their success to the wider retail community. 


Entering the Awards is quick and easy, and our teams are on hand to help you through the process, with full support on creating and submitting your entry. 


Colleagues from our Customer Success and Experience Consulting teams can walk you through the entire process, but of course, they won’t be able to influence judging! That is purely down to you and your amazing teams.


The Categories

There are 3 award categories to choose from, and no limit on how many categories you and your teams can enter into. The Awards reflect Attraqt’s driving principles of being data-led, better together and pioneering.

Better, Together

This award celebrates the best blend of smart automation and creative thought when it comes to visual merchandising. The winning retailer will be able to demonstrate how their creative use of the platform has driven merchandising strategies that have elevated their results in an impressive way.  



This award recognises the smart use of data from Attraqt's solutions. Winning retailers will be able to show how an intelligent application of data and analytics has driven great results for their teams and customers.



This award celebrates individuals and teams who have come up with a clever and pioneering idea when it comes to the use of Attraqt's solutions. The winning retailer will be able to demonstrate how this smart idea has driven a positive change, big or small, to their results; from saving time in everyday workflows to scaling activities across markets.


The Prizes

As well as winning the coveted Freddie + me trophy, winners will receive industry recognition amongst peers and industry analysts, as well as our global ecommerce community of leading retail brands. They have the opportunity to promote their success story through interviews and video case studies on Attraqt's website and through wider media channels.

Attraqt - Freddie + me Awards

Hear from some of the winners of our 2019 customer awards, which took place at our Annual Customer Conference.


The 2021 judges

Our 2020 judging panel is comprised of our leading in-house experts, who reviewed each shortlisted customer entry to decide the winner for each category.

Tim Avery
Director of Professional Services, Attraqt 

Tim is responsible for offering Attraqt customers outstanding service with their use of the Fredhopper Discovery Platform, ensuring that the product delivers world-class ecommerce solutions through each of its specialist functions. Tim has 15 years’ experience in mobile web and mobile technologies. He co-founded bemoko, the award-winning mobile web and app development platform, in 2007, before joining the team at Attraqt, focusing on the nurturing of Professional Services for the Fredhopper Discovery Platform.

Allyson Barclay
Global VP, Sales, Attraqt

Ally leads commercial teams to support growth in key international markets and guides existing customers with their expansion plans. Key to her role is helping customers access Attraqt's product innovation pipeline to help support their growth plans, as well as the onboarding of new customers.  
Ally joined Fredhopper in early 2012, having worked in digital tech sales for six years specifically focused on the ecommerce sector for most of that period. She helped steer the transition of the Fredhopper sales team through acquisition, divestment and further acquisition.

Laetitia Comès-Bancaud
CVP Attraqt Southern Europe in Sales

After graduating in Marketing, Laetitia acquired strong experience in Tech Sales, by joining Prosodie in the Business Online department then by participating in the opening of Sales and Marketing offices for MoTwin in Paris, where she was in charge of the Sales department. In 2012, Laetitia co-founded Early Birds with Nicolas Mathon, to bring her expertise to her own company.

Katie Woodhead
Head of Experience Consulting

Katie Woodhead has over 10 years visual merchandising experience, working in both instore and online environments, most notably as Visual Merchandising Manager for and Katie leads the way in developing customer-centric local and international strategies driving increased revenue, conversion, and other essential KPls.


Key Dates for the next Freddie + me Awards

To be announced