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Are You Ready for Black Friday

Posted on 15th November 2017 by Katie Woodhead, ATTRAQT

Remember when Black Friday was just for America? Videos would appear online of people in the U.S. fist-fighting over discounted designer goods at Bloomingdales and we'd laugh and say, “You wouldn't get that in the U.K." Well, this was before Black Friday arrived on our shores in 2013.

The first year everyone was a little unsure about what to do. What is Black Friday? Why should I care? Will everyone be taking part? Consequently, 2013 was a little “lacklustre", but then in 2014 this happened...


Why Lists Are So Revealing

Posted on 1st November 2017 by André Brown, ATTRAQT

I love a good list. Best gastropubs in London, 50 best beaches in Britain, 12 long weekends in Europe - I always make time to read these annual insights.

Lists are revealing, particularly when they are about retailers ...


Why Shopping Online Should Be a Sprint Rather Than a Marathon

Posted on 24th October 2017 by James Wilson, ATTRAQT

The ability to buy what we want in a few, nimble steps online rather than by pounding the pavement for hours has altered our attitude to shopping profoundly. And permanently. A few years ago we might have put aside a whole afternoon for a trip to buy some new boots - driving, parking, walking to the shop, trying the boots on, queuing at the till and then getting back home. Now we expect to complete a purchase in just a few moments, or we are likely to give up and go elsewhere


The Skynet of eCommerce is Officially Postponed

Posted on 11th October 2017 by Georg Spielmann, ATTRAQT

We have long held the view at ATTRAQT that the key to success in eCommerce is a combination of human and machine: human guidance and self-learning automation working in tandem.

Not everyone agreed initially...


Technology Trends: Destination Voice Search

Posted on 9th October 2017 by Cristian Avramescu, ATTRAQT

We are said to be creatures of habit, but in reality it doesn't take us very long to get used to change.

When the first iPhone came along, we shifted from pressing buttons to swiping touch screens, and now voice search is here, we'll see a switch from typing on keyboards to speaking to our devices.

Voice search is really futuristic stuff, but we are not completely there yet.


Advanced Onsite Search Tagging

Posted on 11th September 2017 by Charles Barsley – Senior Digital Analytics & Optimisation Manager at Selfridges

In my previous blog I mentioned several techniques for optimising search. Most 'Out of the Box' analytics tools will allow you to pull reports for all of the techniques I mentioned. However, Fredhopper offers several unique search functions whose effectiveness you can only measure with custom tagging. If you feel that you're on top of all the basic search optimisation techniques, then you may be ready to try these unique functions. And if you do, you'll want to analyse how they are working and what effect they have on the customer experience.


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