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From humble beginnings in the 1930s, Wilko has expanded into a nationwide brand with 406 stores in the UK and a turnover of more than £1.6bn. In recent years, Wilko's honest, straightforward commitment to enabling customers to 'get those to-dos done' has expanded to the online market with Wilko.com. Offering customers quick, at-a-click access to thousands of home, garden, DIY and lifestyle products, the Wilko website presents the company's Trading & Merchandising team with the challenge of ensuring that the brand delivers the same convenient, relevant, fast and customer-centric service online as it does in-store.

A key tool in achieving this strategy has been the deployment of ATTRAQT's market-leading search and merchandising technology. Since first partnering with ATTRAQT, Wilko.com has also benefitted from a full Business Consulting Site Review - designed to examine the customer journey and experience from first point of contact to transaction completion, and to make insightful recommendations about how that journey and experience can be improved. All for the benefit of both the customer and the business. Jonathan Newton, Head of eCommerce & Optimization at Wilko, explains more.

Impartial expertise

The relationship between Wilko and ATTRAQT began when Wilko's main eCommerce partner, Venda, facilitated an introduction. “Although we're very happy with the service from Venda, their out-of-the-box solution for onsite search and merchandising was fairly light and didn't offer our customers the service that they deserved," Jonathan says. “We were introduced to ATTRAQT and started working with their search and merchandising tool in November 2014."

Having implemented that technology – proven among ATTRAQT'S clients to significantly boost conversion, retention and average order rates - Wilko decided to further enhance their eCommerce performance by engaging with ATTRAQT's Site Review program. “At that time, we had approximately 12 months of insight and analytics available with ATTRAQT," says Jonathan. “While we are always clear on what we want to offer our customers, we're also a humble team. We recognize that we don't know everything all the time. This review gave us the opportunity to utilize ATTRAQT's skill set to achieve an impartial view of how we were utilizing the technology. We could also examine the customer benefits we could introduce to Wilko.com over and above our own initiatives. I'm a strong believer in 'brilliant basics'. Like any retailer, we often need a fresh, impartial pair of eyes to highlight what we're doing well, where we can improve and what our eCommerce technology is delivering for our customers every day. We saw this as an opportunity to help us identify those areas and take action to enhance our customer experience."

A positive impact on strategy

ATTRAQT conducted and completed the Site Review in less than a month, according to Jonathan, and produced “a comprehensive report, presented in an easily digestible format, which our Account Manager presented to us, to ensure that we understood all of the key insights and recommendations. The process was comprehensive and involved an end-to-end review of all the major customer journeys and touch points, from when the customer first interacts with a product or service through to the final point of engagement. ATTRAQT also took the time to identify some more general recommendations in areas outside of their direct technological remit – giving us added value and going the extra mile to ensure that the review worked for us."

As a result, Wilko has made a number of improvements across the customer journey. “So far, I would say that we've implemented around 80% of the recommendations offered by the review," Jonathan says. In addition, a significant impact of the review has been that it has given our own Merchandising team the confidence to design and engage in a far more structured, tactical and strategic Trading & Merchandising strategy. When we first implemented ATTRAQT's search and merchandising toolkit, there was a lot of experimentation around the best way to deploy it and manage it for the benefit of our customers. The Site Review has helped us to take a more structured approach to managing our Trading & Merchandising principles, and it has really empowered our Merchandising team. Since the review was conducted, we have benefitted from a consistent stream of pro-active suggestions and conversations feeding in from our own team, which is in turn driving a more meaningful ongoing conversation with ATTRAQT. The Site Review was a great way to assist in the maturity of the team and help us to internalize a better and more strategic approach to our merchandising."

A genuine working partnership

At the time of this case study, Wilko was in the process of renewing its contract with ATTRAQT for another twelve months. Jonathan is clear that the working relationship is about more than simply services delivered. “We have a fantastic relationship with ATTRAQT," he says. “We're growing our customer base rapidly, so the technology that ATTRAQT has developed is definitely starting to pay off for us. They're a great group of people. It's rare to find a technology partner that is so customer-centric. They are unusually pro-active both in their approach to us as their client, and in their constant efforts to improve our customer experience. All in all, they offer a great business, great technology, great services and a great relationship."

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