"The system is user friendly and cost-effective whilst delivering real returns. It's no exaggeration to say that we saw conversion rates increase overnight when we started using ATTRAQT."

Zak Edwards

Founder and CEO, Prezzybox

ATTRAQT delivers 100% revenue growth for Prezzybox

Launched in 2001 by entrepreneur Zak Edwards, Prezzybox has experienced phenomenal growth, with a reputation for offering great range of gifts, complemented by a fun and friendly approach and strong customer service.

ATTRAQT's unique Freestyle Merchandising™ technology has been instrumental in supporting this expansion – not only in terms of driving conversions and sales on the Prezzybox site, but also by facilitating advanced stock and sales strategies to streamline the company's operational costs. Edwards explains more.

Driving online conversions with smart, streamlined eCommerce tactics

"As an entirely virtual store, Prezzybox depends on the highest standards of search and merchandising to ensure that customers find the perfect gift," as Edwards confirms. “Conversions are crucial for our success" he says. “Hence it's vital to get the right products in front of visitors as quickly as possible".

ATTRAQT provided Prezzybox with the combined search, visual merchandising and product recommendation capabilities other suppliers simply could not offer. “We used to handle all our merchandising manually," Zak says. “We were updating multiple product categories individually, costing us hundreds if not thousands of man hours. Now every decision we make can be applied automatically across every category, eliminating any margin for error and ensuring that our customers experience accurate results every time. It's no exaggeration to say that we saw conversion rates increase overnight when we started using ATTRAQT."

Freestyle Merchandising: A comprehensive, conversion boosting eCommerce solution

Prezzybox are enthusiastic about ATTRAQT's evolving capabilities. “We use pretty much all of the ATTRAQT portfolio these days," says Edwards. “We use it to control our categories and with Balance Factor, we can make products more prominent according to newness, profit margin, stock levels and the like. With a fast flow of products that's very important to ensure maximum revenue generation. We can also override our pre-set algorithms to suit our marketing. If we're running a big TV or Magazine promotion we can ensure that those products appear at the top of the relevant category straight away. That undoubtedly improves conversion rates."

ATTRAQT's search and navigation tool kit provides exactly the kind of advanced, error-proof search that Prezzybox customers need. “Auto Complete works really well for us because people who search for a specific product have a much higher conversion rate. We also use all of the facets for filtering search, so customers can really drill down into our product base in a matter of moments. It's also very easy for our own team to deploy the parameters via the user-friendly dashboard.

A supplier that goes the extra mile

“When we're measuring the success of the site it's always clear to us that design and usability are so important to our customers, and ATTRAQT is a really significant part of that," says Edwards. “Prior to ATTRAQT we had no way to filter search by things like age or gender. Looking back to those days of manual merchandising, it was a nightmare! But now that's all now managed automatically."

Customer service was also a crucial factor in choosing ATTRAQT. “We value the fact that they have a UK base, which many of their competitors do not. They seem to really care about our results, and they're always very receptive to our ideas and our strategy, so it's a real partnership."

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