Life Style Sports

"At Life Style Sports we have a heavy emphasis on visual merchandising in-store and we wanted to replicate that customer experience online"

Gordon Newman

Head of eCommerce at Life Style Sports

ATTRAQT boost performance by 33% for Life Style Sports

Carrying more than 60 sports performance and sports fashion brands across 64 stores in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Life Style Sports expanded into eCommerce in 2012. Their priority was to recreate their inspiring, creative in-store customer experience, online.

Aware of the limitations of traditional merchandising tools, the brand turned to search, merchandising and recommendation experts ATTRAQT. Gordon Newman, Head of eCommerce at Life Style Sports, explains the impact ATTRAQT's platform has had on the brand's eCommerce model.

A sophisticated eCommerce strategy supported by bespoke functionality

Newman points out that one of the benefits of the platform is its ability to adapt to the specific requirements of the end user. “Particularly important to us is the facets module. For some customers colour may be more important than brand, or functionality might be more important than style. ATTRAQT allows us to tailor our navigation to the customer experience."

ATTRAQT's Balance Factor has been a core feature for Life Style Sports. “We use Balance Factor to merchandise different products at different times of the day. We've also been able to respond to search behaviour much more accurately. Shoppers who might use a search term that isn't in our database can be accommodated with the Synonym function. We can respond to what customers are searching for without changing the names of our products."

A positive experience with a demonstrable ROI

Life Style Sports experienced a 33% conversion increase almost immediately after implementing the technology. “The biggest impact is that we're able to do more with less and we can really focus on delivering great category experiences for our customers." Newman believes that this is just a taste of its true potential. “Of all the products we have (and we have quite a few in our eCommerce deck), ATTRAQT is the most enjoyable service to work with because you can see instant results in a live environment."

Recreating the in-store experience with flexible online merchandising

“We know that our customers appreciate the highly visual approach of our High Street product displays, but it's a different story online when you have different brands, products, departments and categories operating together."

It was this dilemma that led Newman to explore ATTRAQT, which features the ability to control every aspect of visual merchandising, intelligent search and responsive product recommendations within a single plug-and-play platform.

An intricate merchandising strategy with a user-friendly interface

Newman explains.“It was essential that we chose a flexible solution with a simple user interface so that it could be deployed across multiple users. Now our merchandising is centralised, but departments can still respond independently to changing market demands."

ATTRAQT's SaaS platform ensured this strategy was easy to achieve. “In terms of implementation there was no real impact on our core platform," Newman recalls. “Our team members love the dashboard interface because it's so simple to use. It allows them to do more with the categories they're responsible for."

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