"The system has undoubtedly helped us to focus more on our overarching strategy than the day-to-day tasks of manual merchandising – and it has shown a positive ROI too."

Emma Diddi Nihlén

Ecommerce Trading Manager, Joseph

Driving sales and maintaining exclusivity…

The Joseph fashion chain has unconventional roots. From a salon on London's King's Road, hairdresser Joseph Ettedgui and his brothers built a worldwide reputation for discovering inspirational new designers and showcasing them in an exclusive boutique environment. That eye for style and impeccable taste lives on in over 80 retail outlets and concessions around the world. To reflect that exclusive brand experience online the Joseph chain turned to ATTRAQT.

Emma Diddi Nihlén (known as Diddi), Ecommerce Trading Manager at Joseph, explains why ATTRAQT stood out for her.

“Visual merchandising is a challenging area to find advice on best practice and changing trends especially within a luxury brand context," she says. “We have worked with eCommerce professionals in the past, but in practice the process tends to be trial and error. In a small team like ours it's hard to find the time to really analyse the data in depth."

Understanding the luxury market

ATTRAQT firstly provided a detailed review of the site from a customer perspective with easy, actionable recommendations.

“It was evident that they had taken time to understand not only our site but also our brand. When they presented their findings and ideas to us, it was clear that they had taken the time to really understand what really resonated with our customers”

For optimum results, Joseph employed the full, integrated suite of ATTRAQT tools incorporating Visual Merchandising, Search and Product Recommendation. These could be simultaneously activated across multinational, multilingual, multicurrency sites with immediate effect.

“It's deployed across both our English and French language sites - each powered by its own control panel within ATTRAQT. The system has undoubtedly helped us to focus more on our overarching strategy than the day-to-day tasks of manual merchandising – and it has shown a positive ROI too. We've definitely seen an increase in our performance since we've brought ATTRAQT on board.”

High performance with a high end customer experience

“As a luxury brand, we need to present the product in such a way that it reflects the high end experience and service our customers expect, whilst also increasing our conversions and revenue. Using A/B testing to analyse those priorities is something I found very valuable. More generally, it's also really useful to be made aware of the latest developments in their technology. They're constantly bringing new products onto the market and recommend the tools they feel will work best for us."

ATTRAQT for every future trend

Diddi is confident that ATTRAQT will remain a key driver in Joseph's eCommerce journey. “We've definitely seen a healthy return on our initial investment. We've seen an uplift across a lot of our KPIs that can be related back to our activities with ATTRAQT.

They have consistently proved that they're open to looking at new ideas and working with us to develop new features to answer to our growing needs. That allows us to set ourselves apart from our competitors. So far it has been a great partnership between us."

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