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Transforming the Customer Experience for Calendar Club UK

With more than 4,500 products and a broad market demographic, ensuring an intuitive, personalised eCommerce service for every customer presents Calendar Club UK with a significant challenge. Deploying ATTRAQT's unique search, merchandising and recommendation technology has returned a significant uplift in metrics and revenue. But it's the ability to provide an outstanding customer experience that really delivers the competitive edge, as Glenn McWhinney, Online Marketing Manager for Calendar Club UK, explains.

"Since the relaunch of our new website in October 2015, we have seen strong eCommerce conversion rate (ECR) changes for the better as we have refined our ATTRAQT rules."

Glenn McWhinney

Online Marketing Manager

Bringing the High Street Experience into the eCommerce Era

Having launched with 12 high street and shopping centre stores across the UK in 1998, Calendar Club UK soon recognised the rich potential of the UK market, Glenn explains. “At that time, our business was all about getting the product onto the high streets and creating a powerful offer with the right visibility, merchandising, price point and so on," he says. “But the evolution of eCommerce has driven a fundamental shift from brand loyalty to experience loyalty. To retain customers, we must ensure that the user experience delivers exactly what each customer wants – and that's not easy when you're handling a product set and marketplace as diverse as ours. For example, we must simultaneously ensure that our smartphone customers, especially the millennials who have grown up with the technology, have a streamlined mobile experience, whilst our older customers need their browsing and purchasing to be straightforward and fully supported. Across all those markets, we need to know that our merchandising, recommendations, search and navigation are constantly working in harmony with the customers' behaviour to inspire them to buy – especially when peak trends and seasonal sale points come into play. That's what we're focussed on and ATTRAQT is very much a part of that journey."

When first addressing these issues, Calendar Club UK considered several providers, narrowing them down to a shortlist of two. “Of the two, we felt that ATTRAQT had the most focused eCommerce perspective," Glenn says. “They work very carefully to align their tools to our products and customers throughout the entire user journey. For me personally, the thing that really swung our decision was the Balance Factors feature. The ability to adjust the display and ordering of products on the live website without the need for any help from the IT department is worth the fee we pay alone!"

Driving Key Metrics and Increasing Revenue

In the three years that ATTRAQT has been fully live on, the technology has, in Glenn's words, “more than paid for itself".

“Since the relaunch of our website in October 2015, we have seen some strong Ecommerce Conversion Rate (ECR) changes for the better as we have refined our ATTRAQT rules," he explains. “Overall, during our peak season, our average ECR has increased year-on-year by 8.21%. We have worked very hard in areas such as creating recommendations based on zones – for example our 'Breed Zone', targeted at dog lovers. We have certainly seen an uplift in Average Order Values there, which is not easy to achieve when you have a product that people typically buy once a year! Our ATTRAQT zones, rules and data drive a large proportion of our website sales - in the past two years we have seen a revenue uplift of around 10% to 15%. With similar lifts in other metrics like UPT and Total Orders, ATTRAQT is contributing a huge amount to the success of our website."

"Everything that ATTRAQT has contributed in this area proves to me that we have made the right decision. Working with them has been a real pleasure."

Glenn McWhinney

Online Marketing Manager

Adding Value with a Pro-Active Partnership

ATTRAQT'S service, however, is about far more than just delivering key metrics, according to Glenn. “From the very beginning, even while we were still considering the options, ATTRAQT'S service was excellent. We don't have an enormous internal resource, and ATTRAQT'S team recognises that and works flexibly to our priorities. During the initial implementation, they didn't leave us to our own devices when deciding how best to configure things. It was a careful, insightful consultation process based on our business needs. When we migrated to a new website platform two years ago, we had to make tricky and fundamental technical decisions: for example, whether to go with a server based API solution or a JavaScript solution and how to ensure that the migration wouldn't affect our SEO rankings (a huge risk for us as the leading UK calendar site). Throughout these and so many other processes, ATTRAQT has always been by our side. They constantly give us ideas to better serve our customers. We're excited about integrating dynamic collections, for instance, and we're looking at introducing personalised recommendations into emails based on the behavioural data collected by ATTRAQT. Our new website platform does come with built-in eCommerce capabilities but, even though it might represent a cost efficiency to use those, we're foregoing them because of how much we believe in the value of ATTRAQT."

Delivering the Best for Both Company and Customer

In organisational terms, ATTRAQT has profoundly impacted on the efficiency of the digital marketing team, says Glenn. “As an eCommerce practitioner, the key question is: what does a tool like this do for you and your customers daily? Every day, we need to react quickly to market trends and customer demands. ATTRAQT empowers our marketing team to do this across every section of our site without having to wait for external support from IT, who have many other projects and tasks in the pipeline. To have the confidence of knowing we can do that in real time and that the system won't let us down is invaluable. It has dramatically impacted on our productivity – if I had to estimate, I would say that we have become at least 100% more productive since introducing ATTRAQT to the digital marketing department."

More than anything else, though, the value for Glenn and the Calendar Club UK team lies in ATTRAQT's capacity to enhance the customer experience on a personalised, real-time and everyday basis. “We wouldn't ever take on a tool or develop a partnership where it was only about the bottom line," he says. “The return on ATTRAQT far outweighs our investment, not just because it improves our revenue and metrics, but also because it contributes so strongly to the customer experience. When people phone up to tell us how much they enjoy using our site, how easy it was and how great our online service is overall, I know that we have achieved exactly what we're aiming for. Everything that ATTRAQT has contributed in this area proves to me that we have made the right decision. Working with them has been a real pleasure."

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