"ATTRAQT has not only provided the tools the company needs to deliver an enhanced, dynamic customer experience, but has also become a significant part of Amara's online strategy and future plans"

Tom Freeman

Marketing Manager at Amara

ATTRAQT brings sales by design for Amara Living

From its inception in 2005 as an interior design service, Amara Living Ltd. has grown to enjoy status as a leading retailer of designer homeware products. Today, the company proudly houses more than 200 of the world's most luxurious homeware brands – many of which supply exclusively to ATTRAQT became the platform of choice to drive Amara's online strategy and growth.

Streamlining the eCommerce Strategy with a Unique and Comprehensive Platform

Tom Freeman, Marketing Manager at Amara outlines some of the issues with Amara's rapid online growth. “We have a huge number of products, with some of our lines set to grow by 50% this year. There's a lot of choice so it's crucial to our retailing strategy that we present the optimal products to each customer at the precise time of their search. That's a challenge ATTRAQT™ is helping us meet"

“For us, ATTRAQT's ability to provide a tool encompassing site search, visual merchandising and product recommendations was a compelling offer. It meant that we could start to strategise our online approach without having to deal with multiple technologies and multiple suppliers. It was that combination of capabilities and the fact that ATTRAQT™ offers a tried and tested toolkit with clear business benefits that really grabbed us."

Aspiring to Outstanding eCommerce Success

That tool kit is ATTRAQT– a SaaS eCommerce platform that enables the user to control every aspect of visual merchandising, responsive search and dynamic product recommendations via one simple dashboard. The technology can be integrated into any eCommerce site without changes to the core platform, and is designed to provide powerful manipulation of products either manually or automatically on demand, responding in real-time to every customer's individual shopping behaviour.

Since late 2013 the technology has been live with, and has already had a significant impact on the workload associated with managing the eCommerce site. “The platform itself is simple to use," says Tom Freeman, “and it's easy for us to change things if we want to. We were able to customise the functionality, adding our own modules and building on them as our strategy developed. The ATTRAQT™ team has always been responsive to our requirements. They're always there for us and willing to deliver what we need."

Building on the eCommerce Strategy with ATTRAQT's support.

Impressed with early experiences, is now ramping up its partnership with ATTRAQT™. Because we're growing so quickly there are multiple criteria affecting our conversions - such as international sales, traffic balance and the like - so at the moment we're formalising the tracking process so that we can specifically measure the results we're delivering. ATTRAQT™ has helped us to build a split test ability so that we can implement the monitoring that we need.

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