"We chose ATTRAQT because of the feature-rich and highly evolved platform. ATTRAQT has enabled us to manage merchandising in ways we weren't able to before and we are seeing exciting results in key metrics and enhanced experience with ease of product finding for the visitors. The level of post live service is unparalleled. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a streamlined integration, reliable and fast platform performance and great after sales service."

Naveen Gunti

Senior Director, Global eCommerce Technology and Operations, Tumi

ATTRAQT has helped retailers to

Increase revenues

Retailers using ATTRAQT see an average 23% upturn in revenues within the first 12 months

Boost conversion rates

Creatively displaying the right product to the right customer at the right time, instantly improves conversion rates

Raise average order values

Smarter product display and more intelligent recommendations inevitably lead to bigger basket values

Improve retention rates

More relevant, more personalised offers and recommendations make for a more satisfying customer experience

ATTRAQT is a revolutionary online visual merchandising tool that helps retailers deliver a step change in their conversion rate, and drive online sale success.

Over 100 retailers currently use the ATTRAQT Platform including many multi-national retailers.

On average, our clients see an increase in revenues of 23% within 12 months.

Conversion rates are improved by between 50% and 100%.

The improved customer experience with more intelligent search and recommendations invariably has a dramatically positive effect on customer retention and loyalty.

Plug and Play

You can start to see the benefits of ATTRAQT immediately. ATTRAQT is easily integrated with all existing e-commerce platforms and couldn't be simpler to implement. Whether you are looking for Java script, server side API or extensions to Magento or other retail platforms – we can accommodate a full range of options to suit your business. We will provide complete support to install the system and guide you in customising its features and functionality.

A multilingual, multi-currency platform

Operating from a single dashboard on a SaaS platform and with a flexible pricing model, ATTRAQT is equally accessible to international retailers or ambitious specialised retailers.

Equally compelling on every device

Visual merchandising functionality is at the heart of ATTRAQT products and has been optimised for visual impact on tablet, mobile and app.