Product Recommendations

The ability to upsell and cross-sell on a site has a dramatic effect on sales. Adding this functionality improves revenues by 15% or more, while over 80% of shopping decisions can be directly affected by product recommendations. With ATTRAQT you can fully capitalise on the power of suggestion, by offering timelier, more relevant personalised recommendations.

ATTRAQT Product Recommendations provides retailers with ultimate flexibility and control and by incorporating our powerful visual merchandising functionality you can drive more impulse purchases.

Recommendations can be placed anywhere on the website and even pushed via email. Suggestions can be driven by a variety of metrics. Use the unique balance factor dashboard to apply visual merchandising rules to recommendations. You can generate suggestions based on customer behaviour and 'crowd logic' techniques using viewed/purchased/added to basket metrics or mix and match any of these criteria. You can even manually handpick specific products with our drag and drop feature to make instantly inspired recommendations.