Online Visual Merchandising

To appreciate the real benefits of ATTRAQT technology it pays to understand the art of visual merchandising in a traditional department store. That eye-catching fashion display that looks so casually – if creatively - put together is a carefully considered blend of product lines that could include new items, best sellers, and surplus stock. A good visual merchandiser will monitor sales and quickly adapt displays to react to sales patterns, emerging trends and seasonal changes to inspire customers and optimise sales opportunities.

ATTRAQT allows merchandisers to apply these valued professional techniques online, with all the advantages of a virtual store. Merchandisers can use their skills and experience to manage display settings and refine those decisions in real-time. What's more, ATTRAQT allows you to apply visual merchandising strategies to search and product recommendations in a single, integrated platform.

"It's a very usable platform. The dashboard is simple to get to grips with and you can really play with the technology "

Fabrice Druelle

eCommerce Manager at The British Museum